De’Longhi EC155 15 BAR Pump Espresso and Cappuccino Maker Review

Coffee is the drink most of us would love to drink, especially if it is to drink a homemade espresso using the best coffee machine. and De’Longhi EC155 15 BAR Pump Espresso and Cappuccino Maker is the best machine for our only love espresso. you can achieve rich, smooth, long lasting espresso and also cappuccino using this machine. It has a good quality machine and It is a crowd pleaser machine. Do you want to know why? I challenge you to read this whole article and you will know why.

De’Longhi EC155 15 BAR Pump Espresso and Cappuccino Maker FEATURES

  • Pump pressure driven

This machine is pump pressure driven. It’s 15 bar pump provides sufficient bars of pressure to create for you a beautifully frothed delicious milk every time you need it. Since we all know that rich delicious froth is not something available in all cappuccino makers, we can’t take this property for granted.

  • Removable Drip Tray

In addition to this, EC155 has a drip tray which is removable. This enhances its cleaning.

  • Easy To Clean

This master piece’s water tank must not go unmentioned. It’s not only removable but also easy to clean and good enough to take a capacity of 35 ounces of water. Of course, you remove it first for cleaning and putting water.

  •  Shiny stainless steel boiler

What about its boiler? It has never been made this better. It is a shiny stainless steel designed to last long and very easy to maintain. We all want a durable thing, don’t we?

  • Dual thermostats

When it comes to regulating the heat for both water and steam, this machine is fitted with dual thermostats which perform this task with a lot of ease and even more conveniently, separately.

  • Automated

The EC155 is also automated to ready itself for brewing. It is self-priming, thus it saves you time and energy.

  • Adjustable swivel jet frother

You may also need to know about its frother. Well, this cappuccino brewer has an adjustable swivel jet frother which will make for you the kind of milk you needed for that perfect Italian coffee.

Even as we conclude on the features, we cannot forget to mention its filter basket which brews coffee by use of good espresso grounds.


The above-mentioned features tell us the kind of a cappuccino brewer EC155 is and just to avoid what some would refer to as bias, let us look at both it’s favorable and the unfavorable aspects. Let’s begin with the advantages.


  • The EC155 is known for rich delicious milk. This is due to its strong frother.
  • Furthermore, it’s built – in tamper makes it very easy for first timers to brew a perfect cup of the drink.
  • Moreover, EC155’s quality of cappuccino is incomparable. As we said earlier, it never disappoints when it comes brewing a perfectly frothy cup of fine coffee.


The pros notwithstanding, this coffee brewer has its weaknesses too. For instance, despite giving you a hassle-free cleaning process, there will be some mess. It is little but worth noting.

Notably, when using the machine be cautious not to twist the filter basket tightly as it may hamper the functioning of the filter basket rendering the machine useless.






De’LonghiEC155 15 BAR Pump Espresso and Cappuccino Maker






The importance of having this machine is of great magnitude. When we consider the above-discussed details, if you love a fine drink of coffee, to a great extent, you second the fact that this is the kind of a machine you absolutely need. With it, you are able to brew a delicious cup of frothy coffee so much effortlessly even if you are a beginner. Bearing in mind that it’s pretty refreshing to have a cup of coffee at any given time, this is also a great machine to have at home or in your office. With it, it only takes seconds to have your cappuccino ready and yes, you don’t need an expert to operate and also maintain.

Customer Reviews


“My wife uses this espresso maker everyday, aevery dayrks great. The first time you make espresso with the machine will be a learning process, but it’s not rocket surgery. Follow the directions included and you should be fine.

Don’t believe all the propaganda about tamping to exactly 35lbs of pressure or using a coffee grinder everytime you brew. All of that is nice, but this machine works fine without overly complicating things. Follow the instructions…or watch a youtube video if you don’t like reading. Your espresso will, most likely, turn out fine. The best part will be you didn’t spend $500 on an espresso machine … which may make your beverage even more tasty.”

G. Evans

“This is my second one. After 3 years of daily use, sometimes making 3-4 drinks, my last one started having issues. So I bought a new one. Love it. I have a routine down, takes me about 3 minutes and I have a wonderful latte in my hands. Faster than a coffee pot. And as for the reviews of having a hard time getting the coffee out, please remember this is not designed to be a professional espresso machine. The only time I had problems with getting the grounds out was when a pro barista took over and put too much weight on the grounds.”


De’Longhi EC155 15 BAR Pump Espresso and also Cappuccino Maker is one machine you’ll be glad you put in your kitchen. It’s a few cons might give you slight setbacks but then its advantages take the trophy. This is the best pump driven espresso machine. Just try it.

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