Making Espresso by Aeropress

I recently added an Aeropress to my kitchen. I wanted to know whether it will work or not and I was pretty happy about the result. Now I wanted to share it with you guys. I assure you that Aeropress won’t upset you. I’ll definitely give a 4 star for it.  Take a look here to get more information on it on Amazon.

So many of my friends asked me about Aeropress. So first of all am giving a brief description about this product.

Aeropress is a device for brewing coffee. It was invented in 2005 by Aerobie president Alan Adler.

Aeropress is consisting of two nestling cylinders. One is an airtight flexible cylinder that ejected into a larger cylinder (similar to syringe).

The larger cylinder is called chamber. There’s a cap on chamber that can be removed. The other cylinder is called plunger which has a rubber seal on its end. When the plunger is inserted into the chamber, the asylum is airtight. A steel paddle is also available along with it and it is used for mixing and stirring the mixture.

And this is all about the Aeropress. I hope you got a basic idea about the product and its purpose on brewing coffee.

Now am sharing the way to prepare espresso with Aeropress. Here are the steps

  • First remove the plunger and the cap from the chamber.
  • Put a filter in the cap and twist it back onto the chamber.
  • Next we need a study mug and stand the chamber on it.
  • Put two scoops of Aeropress fine ground coffee powder into the chamber.
  • Pour hot water very slowly into the chamber, till it reaches the number 2 on the measurement scale. If you are looking for the best taste, always prefer hot water with 80 Degree Celsius. I am an espresso-holic. So I never compromise on the taste.
  • Stir the coffee and hot water mixture with the steel paddle about to 10 seconds. Always be careful about one thing, as you pour the hot water into the coffee, there’s a great change to clump up the coffee powder with water. So always pour the hot water very slowly to the chamber and never forget to stir the mixture properly.

Yes now I get a fine yummy smell from the chamber

  • Now insert the plunger into the chamber and gentle presses down about an inch.
  • Maintain the pressure for a 20 seconds at least or 30 seconds maximum.
  • Now you have made double espressos

I have a secret ingredient that I always use in my espresso. Chocolate powder. Add some chocolate powder into your espresso and experience the heavenly taste.

Inverted Aeropress

Try this way also to get a strong espresso feel. Coffee drinkers also developed the method of brewing by inverted aeropress. But i don’t prefer this method but still give a try and see what happened..

Some of us like to steep for a long time, thus you can brew upside down with zero drip-through like how I mentioned below

  1. It will be nice if you insert the plunger about an inch into the chamber without filter or cap. Then stand the chamber upside down like the whole chamber resting on the top of the plunger.
  2. Add ground coffee and hot water to the chamber. As I told you before, pour the hot water slowly into the chamber in order to get a good mixture.
  3. Then stir and steep the mixture as long as you want.
  4. Attach the cap, invert onto your cup, and press. ( Now I keep a filter into the cap to get nice espresso)

This method is very similar to French press

But keep in mind that as long as you steep,the bitterness and acidity will be increased.
I always prefer the first method because it gives the best taste of espresso. Don’t forget to clean your chamber. It is also quite easy to do. Remove the cap and hold Aeropress over trash. Eject the plunger and clean the remaining grounds. Push the plunger fully and clean or brush the rubber seal too. Now the cleaning is also done.

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