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Are you a coffee lover? Then you would like to make an espresso? Great! There’s art involved when making this Italiancoffee but don’t worry, we can help! machine out there. Some of the important things that must be considered when it comes to making high-quality espresso at home or anywhere else include the type of machine you have, the beans, whether you are good at knowing your coffee in terms of taste, and many more.

Italian Espresso has always been my favorite type of coffee. Maybe because it’s so pure – just a shot of hot and great coffee in a glass. I’m always reminded of the authentic Italian coffee bars of my hometown when I was a child. Wooden countertops, little stools, and elderly Italian gentlemen enjoying their daily (or more likely, three or four-time daily) espresso with a contented expression.

1. Beans from places such as Kenya, Brazil, California tend to have better results since these places have high altitudes and they are conducive to growing coffee.

These beans must be of top quality and they must never be put in a wet place or extremely cold places. They will quickly lose their flavor and won’t produce the quality needed.

No. Marketing and word of mouth have led people to believe that beans do matter. To a pro, beans do not matter. But for a newbie, its good to get some of the well-known beans. This isn’t true. Any bean can make good espresso. However, beans grown in areas of high altitude tend to make better coffee. Ensure that the beans are dry, just that.

2. Instead of buying your espresso beans from the supermarket, why not try going to your local coffee specialist and purchase freshly roasted beans.

Beans only begin to lose their freshness after the roasting process, so buying freshly roasted beans is clearly superior to buying from the supermarket. You should also enjoy the fact that they will still be warm when you buy them, remember to choose a good coffee. I have tried many of them, and I have found that the one I like the most (and also many of my friends) is this one Kimbo Espresso Napoletano. If you can not find it in your supermarket, you can find it on Amazon.

3. Most people think that the blend is also a factor to consider.

No. Although there are blends of beans created for this type of coffee, the blend doesn’t make a difference. The espresso blend has led to this common misunderstanding. Some roasters say that you can only make a good espresso with the right blend. Take your well-trained espresso coffee maker and add some water inside. It is very important that you do not use hot water. I use water from the faucet, as cool as it comes out. Hard water is not good for coffee, so do not use it. There is a valve inside, fill it up until the water level is right below that little hole.

4. Is it how you roast it?

No. Some think the common dark blend or extremely dark roast is the best, however, the roast differs from place to place. In California, you will get darker or “French” roast. On the other side of the coast, the blend is not as dark. In places such as Northern Italy, medium roast has normally used Any type of roast is easily used to make good espresso. It boils does to your own taste. Use a high-quality burr coffee grinder, ideally a conical burr grinder with ceramic burrs. These are very high quality and will result in an excellent and consistent grind. Most experts put the importance of having a good grinder ahead of having a good espresso machine.

5. In the end, you might decide that the most convenient way to a get a real machine by ordering it from Amazon or eBay.

You should check out the different options available and make sure you get one that’s right for you. The high-end ones can be expensive, but that can be because they do things like grinding the coffee and heating and milk frothing. If you want simplest and cheapest, the best way is to choose the stainless steel pot.

ItalianAre All Machines Made To Make Italian Espresso?

No. There are machines out there sold as “espresso machines” that aren’t as such The machines are usually electric “moka” style machines that use steam pressure. This type of pressure produces. A real machine must produce at least 9 which enables the force of water through the finely ground and the compacted ground coffee beans. These steam-driven are sold for $75 or less in major stores.

The Procedure?

Now, You do not want to go to coffee shop to drink Italian coffee, You want to make your own coffee? there are different steps involved in making this unique coffee such as grinding, roasting the beans, knowing the right temperatures, tamping them and finally making the Italian espresso.

You will first need an espresso machine. There are many to pick from, so we suggest you look around before making a choice.

If you have the machine, grinder beans, let’s get to it! Identify whether the machine is pump or steam driven.

  1. Preheat the glass and the beverage at the same time as this will be served later.
  2. Start to grind using the grinder.
  3. Remove the porter filter using a piece of cloth.
  4. During the grinding process, make sure to dose enough coffee that will even fill the basket and immediately halt the grinder.
  5. Ensure that the basket is evenly leveled. This is achieved by simply pushing and pulling them back to the opposite direction and ensure that the entire basket is well filled.
  6. Press down the tamper using pressure. With as much as ease as possible, with around 30 pounds of pressure. Ensure that you do this by turning it at about 720 while still pressing at 20 pounds of pressure.
  7. Allow about two ounces of water to flow out through the group’s head.
  8. Turn the pump on.
  9. Start timing when you are ready to pour.

Always warm your cups to ensure quality. Some machines cup with a built-in cup warmer, however, an even better way is to pour boiling water into your cup for 30 seconds prior to brewing.

There you have it. A well-prepared espresso right in your living room Italian style!

Customer Reviews

Jason & Julie

“I have not used a moka pot before, but this pot works great. There are no leaks, it all fits together well. I was pleasantly surprised, with a little frothed milk, how good the coffee/espresso tasted. (We drink coffee with cream.) I watched videos on YouTube and find that if you start with HOT water, the time to brew takes just a few minutes. I think for a higher price (this cost $11.99 delivered,) you would get a more finished pot, but I do not know cause I have never seen any of the Brands available.Bottom line, so far works great.”


Ive used moka pots a lot in the past and I’ve spent way more on them at the same time. This is well worth the cost. Great price for a great product. Just make sure you screw the pot to the base tightly and it will seal perfectly. And remember, this is an espresso pot, not a regular coffee pot. 6 shots of espresso is not the same volume as 6 cups of coffee.”


“This has become my new favorite way to drink coffee. I use this every morning and have the routine down to a fine art now. and I even grind my own beans. I was sad I dropped it and broke the handle, but super glue has kept it on for many weeks now. This makes a fantastic cup of coffee! Much better than my Keurig.”







Maggift Stovetop Coffee Maker, Aluminum ItalianMoka Pot (6 Cup)





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