Espresso Making Using A Breville Machine

Making espresso is quite easy, you can make a fine barista at home only if you have a breville machine. That machine is all you need to make good quality espresso. Easy as the process might be, there are some key things you need to factor in as you work the machine. From figuring out what each part does to getting your grind, filters and shots right.

  • The first part of the process is ensuring that your beans are freshly ground. These go into the burr grinder.
  • At this stage you need to preset your grind to the preferred size depending on your scale level of expertise, the Grind dial sets the fineness or coarseness of the grind. This helps archive optimal extraction. You don’t want your grind too fine or too rough, if the texture of the grind is similar to that of baking flour then that is extremely fine and thus it will block the passage of water even if the pressure is increased. The extreme fine grind will also make your espresso too concentrated with a bitter taste. If your grind is too coarse then water will flow through it without really getting the required concentration. It is easy and fast to set the grind size to dual wall and ensure you are using the grind wall filters.
  • The grind will also adjust the amount or rather the quantity of the beans that should be ground and sent to the filter for extraction, this is level depends yet again on how coarse or fine your grind actually is
  • Most barista express breville machines are fitted with grinding cradle that is placed right below the conical burr grinder. This also supports a portafilter, where the coffee beans are put as the next process. As the portafilter is being filled you can continue doing other side preparations, this process does not require much of your attention. It is important to ensure that your filter and the portfilter are completely dry before filling the filter.
    There is a coffee spoon provided for filling the coffee into the filters, it is important that you use it to ensure that your quantities measure right. At this point you need to figure out whether you are making a single or a double shot. A single shot makes approximately 1 oz. while a double shot makes approximately 2 oz of espresso. A single shot is one flat scoop while a double shot is two flat scoops, using the provided spoon of course.
  • The next process is tamping. This is the consistent application of pressure to the grinds. The tamper is removable and can be used while attached to the machine or separate.
    Timing is another important thing to consider when brewing coffee, when coffee tastes weak other than the reason being the usage of coarse grind and not firmly tampering the grind, it can also be due to over-brewing. So then how do determine the proper amount of time required? When brewing a single shot which weighs 7 grams it takes 20 seconds from the time you begin to pump. Double shot is made in 20-25 seconds from the time you begin to pump and weighs 14 grams.

Finally the crema, this is the thin form-like layer of on top of espresso, in other simpler languages though, crema is just coffee. Its production is thus from a series of all the processes achieved above and if they are done right then it should be right. From getting fresh coffee beans to getting the right grind, tampering and filter. Coffee beans should be used within a month if you want them to remain fresh and the pre-ground should be used within a week’s period otherwise the crema will not be right. When it comes to the storage of either one of them the containers used should be airtight and of course the place should be cool and dry as is with almost any other products.

For the best experience with your breville espresso machine ensure proper care is taken. Such includes regular cleaning, replacing of parts periodically such parts include parts like the water filters and finally decalcifying the machine, these are some of the care and maintenance processes required to ensure quality coffee.

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